Please be advised that the 2023/24 Town Council budget for grant allocation is £5,000 to be shared amongst the Kirkbymoorside Community.

The full budget has been allocated and applications are no longer being accepted.

Applications will reopen for the next financial year from 1 April.

1. Groups within the town and parish can apply to the fund. Those outside the parish who can demonstrate direct benefit to the inhabitants will also be eligible to apply.


2. The Council will consider supporting both capital and revenue projects.


3. Groups will apply to the fund using the agreed application form.


4. To qualify all applicants must provide a FULL financial disclosure which are as follows:

i)  3 months copies of statements from ALL Bank accounts and statements of monies held in funds ETC

ii) Must include a statement from the applicant of what applications to other bodies have or had been applied for and awarded to fund this project.

All notices of an application for a grant are published on the notice board and the website and notification of a successful award to an applicant is published also. 

ALL Organisations that fail to comply, are liable to be disqualified.


       5. Groups will be expected to supply accompanying documentation as detailed on the application form:

       i)  A copy of the constitution or rules of the group

       ii) A 12 month forward plan (activities and finance) and where larger grants are requested a business plan will be required.


6. Grants may only be awarded to a group once per year. Unsuccessful applicants are encouraged to review their proposals and submit revised applications to the council.


7. All applications will be considered with regard to the financial stability of the groups and be judged on their own merits; particular attention will be given to the group clearly demonstrating the need for the project.


8. Where possible groups will be expected to contribute some of their own funds to the project although a set percentage has not been agreed.


9. Retrospective applications (i.e. for projects already completed) will be allowed. Council will adjudge at the time of application whether the project was urgent and also consider the financial situation of the group at the time.


10. Where partnership funding is being sourced, the council may consider awarding a grant but may choose not to release it until the partnership funding has been secured.


11. Should the entire grant not be used for the purpose specified then the balance should be returned to the Council.


12. By signing and returning the Application Form the signatory is agreeing to the above policy.

Click here for an application form