The Town Council is democratically accountable and takes seriously the views of townspeople.  Finance comes from a charge that is added to the council tax.  In recent years, the council has reduced the tax charge by becoming more efficient.

Priorities are representing local people in dealings with the larger councils (Ryedale and North Yorkshire), providing grants to assist local organisations and running some local services.  If you are concerned about matters to do with the bigger councils, contact a councillor or the town council.  Local groups that need money to progress are invited to apply for a grant; usually the council expects to provide only a portion of the cost, but each case is treated on its merits.  More information on grants is available here.

The main services provided by the town council are:

  • Street Lighting (lights with blue numbers belong to the town council, those with yellow numbers belong to the county council)
  • The town cemetery
  • Grass cutting, both of land managed by the town council and also on behalf of the county council
  • Play Areas
  • The Manor Vale conservation and recreation area
  • Christmas lights
  • Public Seats

Citizens are welcome at council meetings and are free to make representations to the council.