The Town Council have applied to NYCC Highways Authority for a reduced speed limit of 20mph in the town centre, for the length of Piercy End, Market Place and High Market Place, and on Grey Lane in Keldholme. Whilst confirmation has been received that the application for a reduced speed limit in Keldholme will not be feasible, North Yorkshire Police and NYCC Highways Authority have no objection to a reduced speed limit in the town centre.

NYCC Highways & Transportation have consulted with the Statutory Consultees, being other emergency services, District Council etc, with no objections raised. Now a public consultation is in progress with a closing date of 4 November. If there are no objections, then the 20mph speed reduction will be passed. If objections are received, then a Report will be presented to the NYCC Director and Executive Members for determination.

Traffic surveys have been carried out at each location. Click here for the traffic survey reports.

Click here for details of the consultation.